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We offer FDA approved masks, including disposable exam masks and KN95.
Our FDA approved factories are up and running today. We can have product delivered to you in just one week. Our factories are producing between 500,000 and 1,000,000 masks a week.
KN95 and exam masks are essential. American front-line medical personnel are running desperately short of masks and protective equipment as they battle the coronavirus outbreak. China, already the world’s largest producer of these medical devices, has ramped up factory output and is now signaling that it wants to help. We need to protect health care workers who are controlling the epidemic. KN95 masks filter out 95 percent of all airborne particles when used correctly.
Our factories in action: video 1 and video 2
Who are we?
For over 30 years, Applause Source has imported a variety of products from China and Vietnam. We have connections and customers who we can trust, something that is crucial during these challenging times.
We'd like to help. For current pricing and airfreight availability, send us an email. We'll get right back to you.
Hospitals, urgent care centers and other facilities need virus protection so that the inevitable surges in sick patients can be managed. Our Chinese suppliers are concerned about the welfare of American health workers. They want to help.
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KN95 and Exam Masks
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